Sunday, 26 November 2006

Hornet head experiment

This head comes from Hornet's HH23 set, and is an experiment in applying blood to a bandage. So far only the blood has been highlighted and shadowed, and my idea is to show a fairly freshly dressed wound. Skintones will be fairly light, considering the soldier has lost blood and is in shock. Hair will be the regulation blond.

Here's the next step. Blonde hair has been added with mixed of 141 English Uniform, 011 Lemon Yellow, 010 Light Yellow and 149 Chocolate Brown. The bandage has been defined with thin washes of 170 Glossy Black. More to follow...

Having started the next step of the painting, I made several cock ups and decided to restart. So on with a layer of Model Air 034 Sandy Brown and a fresh attempt at a decent head paint. I will be following the instructions of the Vallejomeister himself, Jaume Ortiz. His forum and article can be found in the following links:


Head painting article

Both heads are from the HH23 set and I decided to use two so that I don't waste too much paint if I get a decent colour mix.

Here's Siegfried and Roy with their bandages applied with Model Color 004 Off White. The exposure is intentionally dark to show the shape of the bandages without any glare.

Royal Models

This build is intended to show the stages of painting for newcomers to Vallejo Acrylics and how to tackle the application of various camouflage patterns. So far the figure has been assembled and the neck portion drilled out to accept a Hornet head. The trousers are half finished as is the webbing. As for the jacket, that will be finished in a Pea Pattern camouflage.

Here is the assembled figure showing the Hornet head and a DML Kar 98.

Next, the figure was primed with Vallejo Model Air 057 Black, which gives a good base for pre shading.

Here we see the base coat of 10:3 103 German WWII Beige Camo and 007 Pale Sand airbrushed on in thin coats.

The webbing has received coats of 168 Black Grey, 150 SS. Cam. Black Brown and 150 lightened with 007 Pale Sand. A wash of pure 170 Glossy Black was added to darken the leather and define the shadows.

For the highlights on the trouser base coat, 007 Pale Sand was added to 103 German WWII Beige Cam. Shadows came from 085 German Uniform added to the 103 German WWII Beige Cam.

The brown areas are 140 Flat Brown, highlighted with 007 Pale Sand and shadowed with 035 Cadmium Maroon.

Green is finished in 95 US Dark Green again highlighted with 007 Pale Sand and shadowed with 168 Black Green.

The Steilhandgrenate was left in the basecoat and had a thin layer of Burnt Umber oil laid over, and then removed 5 to 6 hours later with a shortened no. 1 brush.